adidas Campus 80's

Doesn't get much cleaner than a Campus. It's looked the part from day dot. On foot on the court, to being the shoe of choice for hip hop pioneers, pretty adept at skateboarding too. Whatever the occasion you can be sure that a pair of adidas Campus will be a dependable shoe no matter what you're up to or what your wearing. 

it's of little surprise then that adidas take their inspiration for these latest editions from some of the varied and typical spots you may well end up wearing a campus. We're dubbing these two the weekend in London pack mostly because the each inspiration behind them sound like the sort of weekend we'd have in the big smoke.

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Up first the red and white campus. White upper with red stripes. Never fails. Taking it's colourway inspiration from the humble greasy spoon cafe and it's ubiquitous gingham table cloths and those crimson red tomato sauce bottles adorning each table set with the signature white plates. Ready to be plated up with life affirming fried fare. Much like a pair of Campus a good caff will see you right, fortifying yourself for a big day ahead or curing your self inflected ails after a visit to Fabric - as well as being kind on the wallet if things got a bit out of hand. Who wants smashed avacado and quails egg on a solid bit of sourdough anyways...

Back on thread these Campus are exactly what you want premium suede upper, leather overlays on the signature serrated three stripes and hell tab, vintage styled laces and a set of custom footbeds depicting the classic chalk board menu. No sign of a tattie scone or a round of black pudding but we can live with that. 

adidas Campus 80's 'Cafe' 
Price: £80.00

Speaking from a position of past experience(s) you're going to want to get some movement going to help that delicious fried fare settle down (and to work some of it off - "Who's that gut lord marching") which perfectly leads onto the second pair in this drop. Taking it's design cues from flower markets and the many parks dotted around the capital. A saunter through the park or a peruse of the local flower markets selection, maybe feed the pigeons, feed the sparrows too, gives you an sense of enormous well-being... (We'll let you finish that)

A rich long 'nappy' green suede evokes the long green grass of Hampstead Heath, whilst white leather overlays on the stripes and heel tab sit perfectly balanced against the green hues like the first sprout of some daisy's in Spring. Like the first Campus we're treated to a custom set of footbeds with a vibrant menagerie of colour via a selection of flowers. A set of vintage styled nylon laces and a delicate flower embroidered design sign off a memorable take on the all time classic!

adidas Campus 80's 'Flower Market'  
Price: £80.00

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