HANON x adidas ZX420 'Luck of the Sea'

Available only at HANON: Launch Date 27th November 2020.
HANON and adidas join forces this Autumn and are proud to present an exclusive edition of the ZX420.
For this project, we focussed on our coastal surroundings and took inspiration from the seafaring folklore of the North Sea. Stretching back through generations of family lines, luck and superstition played an integral part in the daily lives of seafaring communities in the North East of Scotland. Rituals, habits, and traditions were once followed as a rule to secure safe passage home from the treacherous conditions whilst working at sea.
From the extremity of never saving a man overboard, to whistling in the direction of the wind, even a journey to the boat was fraught with difficulty, as encountering taboo animals or ‘certain’ people were all factors in stirring the wrath of the pagan sea gods.
Superstitions thought to bring luck and good fortune were therefore strictly adhered to. A piece of metal was considered a lucky charm, as was a single gold earring and in particular, a silver coin placed in a sock before setting sail.
Our ‘Luck of the Sea’ collaboration is an exclusive spec’d up edition of the ZX420. Originally launched in 1988 as a technical running shoe and a continuation of the iconic three-digit series, the ZX420 was built for long distance running and a precursor to the thousand series that was to follow in the late 80’s.
For this collaboration, we stayed true to the styling and aesthetic of the original ZX420 and applied a premium suede and mesh combination to the upper. To reflect the vibes of the North Sea, the colourway is executed in a cloud grey with light blue accents and offset with a dark marine midsole. We switched out the traditional moulded stripes to a serrated application whilst silver details align with the luck theme and feature throughout. The usual woven tongue label is substituted for a silver transfer print and a single metal eyelet is featured at the top of the lace stay. Finally, dual branding is applied by way of a monogram print to the sock liner and debossed silver logo detailing on opposing heels.
The ‘Luck of the Sea’ ZX420 will be offered only by HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE which will begin on Friday 20th November and end on Friday 27th November. Each pair will come complete with four lace sets, a printed cotton dust bag, and a lucky nickel-plated coin.
Good luck!
Product Details:
SKU Code: FZ0790
Colour: Grey/Blue
Price: £100.00.

Size Break: UK4 / UK4.5 / UK5 / UK5.5 / UK6 / UK6.5 / UK7 / UK7.5 / UK8 / UK8.5 / UK9 / UK9.5 / UK10 / UK10.5 / UK11 / UK11.5 / UK12 / UK12.5

Good fortune could be on your way!
A lucky coin is stashed in each pair of our HANON x adidas ZX420 ‘Luck of the Sea’ collaboration. However, there are two different coins out there! One is a polished silver-plated version with a mirrored finish and is only contained within 200 pairs. Those who are fortunate enough to receive the polished silver edition of the coin will get a limited double box set featuring both iterations of our ZX420.
To be in with a chance of receiving the double pack, all you have to do is enter the HANON x adidas ZX420 ‘Luck of the Sea’ online raffle as normal which will end on Friday 27th November. Priced at £100.00.
Please note that entry is for the grey/blue ZX420 (FZ0790) only and all existing raffle entries will still count.
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