HANON Halley Stevensons Capsule Collection - Drop 2

This September, we continue our pursuit to construct garments proofed against the elements for the Autumn season. Having previously utilised the likes of lightweight woven Swedish super fabric, modern day miracles in the shape of GORE-TEX and their waterproofing wizardry, we turn our attention closer to home and reunite with friends and North East locals - Halley Stevensons - to craft an outdoor centric capsule from their sustainably sourced organic waxed cotton.

Arriving in two drops, we’ve created a concise and considered range in two colour options which consists of a Half Zip Jacket, Shirt Jacket, Outdoor Trousers, and Cargo Shorts, all of which are limited to 50 pieces each.

Before we get into the product, and given it’s technical nature, we feel that it’s important to understand a little bit more about the material itself and how it came to be on these garments. Established in 1864, Halley Stevensons originally produced sail cloth for the fishing fleets of Scotland at their Baltic Works factory in Dundee. Today, the company operates from exactly the same premises and is globally recognised as a pioneer and leading manufacturer of oiled and waxed cotton as they continue to supply the outdoor and fashion industry worldwide.

R140 Organic FCF Hybrid Aero Waxed Cotton

This particular waxed cotton that we are using for this capsule collection - R140 Organic FCF Hybrid Aero - is a first for us, and with a combination of their driest wax and aero soft/tumble finishing, Halley Stevensons have created a micro ripstop cotton with a light wax handle, a cool to touch feel, and an aged appearance. Due to the aforementioned properties, the fabric is a unique lightweight alternative to a traditional wax fabric, and still retains its water resistant nature.

We are keen to breakdown some of these properties a bit more so that you can have a greater understanding of the material:

  • FCF stands for fluorocarbon free.

  • Usually, for the majority of waterproof clothing, their water repellency is achieved by treating the fabrics with fluorocarbon-based Durable Water Repellents (DWRs), which are made up of C8 long chain chemicals (PFC DWR). However, slowly but surely, these chemicals leach from the fabrics and eventually find their way into the water system, which overtime, can then enter the food chain and has the potential to cause health problems for both wildlife and people.

  • OCS certification stands for Organic Content Standard certification.

  • This applies to any non-food product containing 95-100% organic material. It verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product and tracks the flow of the raw material from its source to the final product.

    Hather Half Zip Jacket
    Price: £300.00.

    Hather Half Zip Jacket
    Price: £300.00.

    A standout piece from this product set is the introduction of our Half Zip Jacket. Using our Sobell Gore-Tex Infinium Jacket as a starting point for shape and fit, we’ve edited the jacket to suit the fabric and offer something a bit different to what’s on our virtual rails currently.

    Constructed from the collection wide water-resistant waxed cotton, the jacket is a practical choice for year-round wear as well as being suited to both urban and outdoor wear. Much like the Shirt Jacket, this piece offers a perfect canvas for the varied show of textures created by Halley’s craft with an aged appearance.

    It is a cagoule-style jacket and has a half-zip closure with a buttoned storm flap, side entry zippered kangaroo pocket, elasticated cuffs, and a side zip opening. An adjustable hood with a robust velcro adjuster features as well as a triple serving of subtle branding details courtesy of Halley Stevensons branded label, a HANON woven label on the hem and tonal embroidery on the sleeve.

    Sizing Information

    Measurements provided in cm.

    Model is 5'9" tall with a 30" waist and is wearing a size S.

    Launching alongside the Hather Half Zip Jacket as part of Drop 2 and completing this Autumn's Capsule Collection are two pairs of Fulton Outdoor Pants which are also constructed from the same sustainably sourced cotton - R140 FCF Hybrid Aero - that joins the range of fabrics we’ve worked with from Halley Stevensons’ esteemed Baltic Works plant.

    Following a very similar shape to our Relaxed Cyrus Pant, they boast an articulated knee for greater freedom of movement as well as an adjustable hem should you need to roll your trouser legs up whilst out in the field. A zippered cargo pocket and rear pocket offer secure storage and peace of mind for the intrepid rambler and the usual finishing touches that we’ve come to know from this collection are all present once again, from the tonal embroidery to the HANON woven label.

    Fulton Outdoor Pant
    Price: £150.00.

    Fulton Outdoor Pant
    Price: £150.00.

    Sizing Information

    Measurements provided in cm.

    Model is 5'9" tall with a 30" waist and is wearing a size 30W.

    Release Details:

     Limited to 50 pieces each, the Hather Half Zip Jacket and Fulton Outdoor Pants make up the second drop and will be available from HANON via online raffles on our HANON Launches site.

    Please note that these online raffles have now closed!

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