HANON Projects

HANON x Padmore & Barnes M244 Higgins

HANON and the Original Padmore & Barnes forge forth an enduring partnership as we collaborate on a limited edition pack of the Higgins leisure shoe. Our latest collaboration with Padmore introduces the Higgins in two colourways in a limited edition of 48 pairs per model. Each...Read more

HANON x adidas ZX420 'Luck of the Sea'

HANON and adidas join forces this Autumn and are proud to present an exclusive edition of the ZX420. Our ‘Luck of the Sea’ collaboration is an exclusive spec’d up edition of the ZX420. Originally launched in 1988 as a technical running shoe and a continuation of...Read more

HANON x Umbro '90 Training Jersey

HANON and Umbro are proud to join forces and present a special edition of a legendary Scotland football shirt brought back from the archives. Introduced as a leisure jersey in the late 80’s by Umbro and the Scottish FA, the original version was never released...Read more

HANON x Pantofola d'Oro Modena

HANON and Pantofola d’Oro are proud to present our second iteration of the Modena, a shoe we designed and built from scratch. We wanted the Modena to have a truthful feel to it, like a model that had existed in days gone by and had...Read more

HANON x Pantofola d'Oro Modena

We made a shoe. There are only 12 pairs. Growing up, Pantofola d’Oro was the legendary and somewhat mystical football boot that we could neither pronounce nor get a hold of, but we knew they were something special. This Autumn, we connect with Pantofola d’Oro...Read more

HANON Halley Stevensons Capsule Collection - Drop 2

This September, we continue our pursuit to construct garments proofed against the elements for the Autumn season. Having previously utilised the likes of lightweight woven Swedish super fabric, modern day miracles in the shape of GORE-TEX and their waterproofing wizardry, we turn our attention closer...Read more